About Us

PETRO-TEC specializes in:
  •  Reservoir Simulation studies
  • EOR Studies, Screening, Study review, Monitoring, evaluation
  •  Exploration Block Promotion: Block Evaluation, Farm-in & Farm-out consulting.
  •  Reservoir Management: Management of Block concessions or looking after share equities in blocks operated by other companies
  •  Petroleum Studies: G&G, Reservoir Simulation, Studies
  •  Well test Interpretation.
  •  Petroleum Economics and Prospect Evaluation.
  •  Oilfield Services & Equipment supply.
  •  Procurement of Petroleum Materials.
  •  Petroleum Training

PETRO-TEC was established in London, UK in the year 1992. The Head office was transferred to the Free Zone of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Oct. 1998. Sice than, PETRO-TEC is operating from Ajman Free Zone. PETRO-TEC is an International Petroleum Consultancy Company with a contact office in The UK , London, a branch in Cape Town (PETROTEC SA), South Africa, representatives  in several other countries. PETRO-TEC is currently active in the Middle East and North Africa.