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Dr. Omar Badawi Abu-elbashar has 34 years of Petroleum Industry experience, and is the Managing Director of PETRO-TEC. He is specialist in Compositional and Black-oil reservoir simulation;field development planning, and Reservoir Management.He obtained his Ph.D. in Res. Eng. from the Petroleum Eng. Dept. Of the Imperial College,London University, in 1990, and conducted a postdoctoral research in reservoir modelling in 1991. As a Free-lance Consultant he is now working in Res. 

Management of Burgan field, Kuwait. Prior to KOC he worked in Res. Management of Fahood field Shell/PDO Oman, Team leader of Simulation Studies in PETRO-ENERGY (CNPC), President of PetroSA Local co. In Sudan (Salima Oil),Consultant reservoir simulation Eng, GNPOC,2004-2007, Simulation Consultant PDO Oman 2001-2003, Simulation Consultant Soekor of South Africa.In 1996-1998 he joined Shell Nigeria as a reservoir simulation consultant working on water injection and gas injection studies. He also worked on PVT modelling, Quality Control of Simulation Input data, and trained the staff in guided FDP’s.He authored many papers in Reservoir Simulation, Modelling, & quantification of the effect
of different heterogeneities on hydrocarbon recovery..

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