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Dr. Mehdi Azari

Mehdi Azari is a Senior Reservoir Engineering Advisor with Halliburton Consulting on the Burgan Field Production Optimization in Kuwait. He Previously worked on the South Ghawar Unconventional Gas project at ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia, worked with the Production Optimization Team in Algeria, Technical Advisor for reservoir engineering in the Wireline and Perforating   product   line   in   Houston. Prior to that, worked at Halliburton Production Enhancement Services in Duncan, Oklahoma, and as a professor of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Wyoming.

He holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and, MS and PhD degrees in Petroleum Engineering from University of Southern California.
Dr. Azari has authored over 80 publications   in   reservoir   engineering, well testing, perforation, production engineering, reservoir simulation, formation  damage,  and  geo-pressured reservoirs.  He also has 14 US and international patents.   He has made numerous technical presentations, seminars, short  courses,  SPE  talks  in United  States,  South  America,  Middle East, Africa, and SE Asia.Dr. Azari was the chairman of the Reservoir Mechanics Technical Interest Group (TIG) of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).


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