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Dr. Zillur Rahim, PhD. P.E., is a senior Petroleum Engineer consultant specialized in hydraulic fracturing design and optimization techniques. After graduating from Algerian  Petroleum Institute with BS degree, he completed his  MS and Ph.D. from  Texas  A and M University, both in Petroleum Engineering.He joined S. A. Holditch and Associates, Inc., in 1987 where he developed three-dimensional hydraulic fracturing  and  proppant  transport  and acid fracturing model that were marketed to the industry.During  his career with Holditch  and  associates (1987-97), and Schlumberger-Reservoir Technologies, Dr.Rahim worked   in design, optimization, and evaluation of fracture treatments, reservoir simulation, production optimization,

 pressure transient analyses, and tight gas characterization. He conducted several stimulation studies  in  the  US, Algeria, Oman, and Morocco.He taught industry  courses  for  PEMEX  (Mexico) and PDVSA (Venezuela).  Currently, Dr. Rahim  is   responsible  for stimulation activities for all non-associated gas wells in Saudi  Arabia.He is also an instructor for the Advanced Stimulation Course  in the Upstream Professional Development Center in Saudi Aramco. Dr. Rahim  authored over  90 technical papers and have participated in numerous SPE conferences as committee member, session chair, keynote speaker, and discussion leader. He is a registered professional engineer in Texas.

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