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Dr. H.M. Uba

Dr. H. M. Uba ARSM, M. Eng., DIC,Ph.D., is specialist in Compositional and black oil simulation. After graduating from Imperial College, London University in 1987, he did his Ph.D. and finished a Post-Doctoral research in Reservoir Simulation. He then joined INTERA (later GEOQUEST) as a senior reservoir engineer conducting full field reservoir simulation studies, and providing inhouse training to reservoir engineers in several oil companies. He built reservoir models and conducted compositional simulation studies for many fields in the North Sea, North Africa, Middle-East and Asia; and taught reservoir simulation courses world-wide. He authored many papers in reservoir simulation. Dr. Uba then joined Shell Nigeria in 1996 as a Reservoir Simulation Consultant where he completed several full field simulation studies, and trained Nigerian Engineers. He participated in field development studies within an integrated team giving advice on field development.

Since 1998 Dr Uba has worked in many companies including Philips Petroleum, Saudi Aramco, Petroleum Development Oman and HESS Corporation in tasks such as appraisal, development planning, reservoir management, PVT and simulation studies. He has over 25 years of broad hands-on experience in the development of both “green” and mature fields covering black oil, gas, volatile oil and condensate systems. Dr. Uba is a Free-lance consultant and an associate with PETRO-TEC.

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